Facts and Faith Bible Study Group

Psalm 119:160 The sum of your word is truth.

The purpose of the Facts and Faith group is to analyse each passage of the bible and try to unravel Godly character through shared discussion of its meaning.


My experience is by being a student of literature I like to review and examine different types of texts and simplify the words to provide meaningful understanding. This can include study of texts and contexts, proverbs, psalm and verses.

I have been a Christian since I was 7 and grew up in a Baptist church, however now I believe that anyone who believes in Jesus and accepts him into their life is a Christian and Godís word is meant for them and everyone.

I have read the bible through and would like to share my interpretations of each section as well as listening to the discussion of others.

Study will consist of reading one chapter per week. We can meet in my chat room each week on my website and discuss it.

Course consists of a booklet each week and background information and research into that section of the bible.

At the end of each bible book, we will review by summarising our opinions and by making a one- page blog post, as an act of online missions. This way we will hold onto what we learn from one another and also share it.

For more information, please contact Lisa Ė 0422 356 850.


Study Booklets

Genesis 1 Study Booklet

Genesis 1 Response Review

Genesis 2 Study Booklet

Genesis 3 Study Booklet

Genesis 4 Study Booklet

Genesis 5-6 Study Booklet

Genesis 8-9 Study Booklet

Genesis 10-12 Study Booklet

Genesis 13-15 Study Booklet

Genesis 16-19 Study Booklet

Genesis 20-22 Study Booklet

Genesis 23-25 Study Booklet