Literature by Lis

This page is a collection of stories, poems and songs, I’m currently writing out of my new hobby to attempt to write. I’m currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Arts (English) reflecting on other author’s writing and at the same time, I’m learning how to become a better writer. (I also study a bach in biz – sports management, as well a few years learning web design/development several years back).

About the Author

This is how I got my inspiration. When I was young I would write stories, but my writing lacked imagination. When I started to grow up, I would entertain strangers online with my made-up stories. I found it entertaining to tell tales. This got old and writing was easy. I didn’t have talent in my writing though. I would write long deep letters to my friends baring my soul, but they slipped away. Then I met 2 friends (Michael and Merrick), who asked me to write everyday to make up for the heartache I’d received from having my letters rejected. Their motto was simple “Just keep writing”. Every day they would say it. I would think 'aren’t you tired of my letters – you never even write back'. But they kept saying whenever I stopped “Just keep writing”. Later one day they stopped being friends for a while, after years of communication. They were busy with their own things anyway. But I kept remembering their words, until it sunk in “Just keep writing”. So now I do. Not because I’m writing to anyone anymore, but simply because I like to write.


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