Michael WipfliI love seeing Wippa. Here are some photos of the times I've seen him. There have many times, many hugs and much love exchanged. He is very romantic and caring.

We first met in May 2013 at Cronulla Beach. Its been 4 years that we have shared a bond of talking and listening to each other.

I used to run in his running club 'Galdiators', every Wednesday in Hyde Park. For a year and a half I spent time with him. That was where this photo was taken.

I also used to see his live shows, which were a refreshing way to wake up early and go to Manly, Burwood and Campbelltown.

The photo on the right was taken at Dawes Point, January 2016. We had a heartfelt moment that I cherish.

I also saw them at the Red Bull GoKart race and their Barry the Bear launch.

Recently the Turf club had a garden party at the races and I saw him there. I go to the races to see him. He calls me his boyfriend, even though I'm a woman.

Mr Wippy and Fitzy the Clown Wippa, Fitzy, Me and Barry the Bear

This was at Manly live show, early in the morning. There was free coffee and breakfast, which was yummy.

Here we are at Wippa's live show, for singing his rap song, 'Born to Rap'. I called him a hoodlem and said he was dressed cool. We hugged over it, in the corner and then we talked more before he went on stage. His performance was fantastic and he swished, jumped and moonwalked around the stage. He danced and rapped very well.

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