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Thanks for dropping by, please have a look around. At LisDesigns, we mean attention to beetles - not attention to details, because we love small creatures and pest controllers who care about nature are our most common client. However, we design for all different trades, small businesses and small corporations are welcome.

LisDesigns in the Media

Advertised in past on 2DayFM.
Recently on 2SM, on the morning show, with Dave or Marcus.
Throughout August onwards 2GB, on the Chris Smith Show.
Live adverts on Kiis FM, soon, in September sometimes weekends.
Live adverts on Nova 96.9 FM, in September with Fitzy and Wippa once and then in October, November, December sometimes on Sundays, with Ben and Liam in the morning, or Ross in the afternoon.
Supporter of Hope103.2.


Sketches $60 each.

They take about 2 hours to create. Stag beetle  d Tank bug  d

Web Design and Static Web Page Development $400.

Static websites with HTML, CSS + 1 simple contact form in PHP.
*Webhosting and domain name is additional. (From NetRegistry, CrazyDomains, GoDaddy or similar. Choose PHP linux hosting.)

Paypal Shopping cart $650

Comes with Paypal standard buttons, a database where you can login and upload your products yourself. Example: Diet Shakes Ecommerce

Web Design and Dynamic PHP Development

Dynamic websites created with php and a mysql backend.

An example would be an online CRM, where users can register non-sensitive information, signup, login, and download FREE documents based on the preferences. Admins can view all the users signed up by search and browse.

I think I could make an online appointment book too. I can't code payment gateways, which is what you need for paid instant downloads, but I can add in Paypal buttons like.

$35/hour Code time is about a month or two, for customers who can afford to hire someone this time span. Usually comes to about $1000-$1200. Depends on how many features and customisations you need.

I work part time on each client, because sometimes I have a couple at once, but days can be as long as 12 hours and as short as 1-2 hours, depending how alert I am that day or how much time I have available.

Example: Early Learning CRM *Webhosting and domain name is additional. (From CrazyDomains, GoDaddy or similar. Choose PHP linux hosting.)

Web Marketing

Setup of search engine marketing on Bing. Cost for pay per click advertising is additional - depending on what budget you want to spend. $20/day is a good starting budget which will get you a lot of clicks if you advertise all over Australia. $35

Zoom Meetings

  • Web Design quote Q & A - FREE
  • Web Coders Tutorial 20 mins $20
  • Online Business Strategies 20 mins $20

Video Editing, using Animaker. Up to 5 minutes $50.

-Perfect for musc clips, adverts and intros. (Takes an hour andhalf to create.)

Other services (offerred by family members)

  • Experienced, professional CAD Drawings $45 USD/hour..
  • Experienced, professional Publishing and Education Writing $35 USD/hour..


  • From 13/7/2020, Lisa started studying a graduate diploma in IT with Charles Sturt Uni.
  • With the many jewelry items I've been making, as well as website design, I've just launched my new site http://www.jezzabezzy.com.au.
  • Lisa studied a postgraduate course. Graduate Certificate in Web Design and UX, with Billy Blue College and Torrens University, from 17/2/20-1/7/2020. (I passed Interface Development.)
  • Here is the start of my online learning portal.
    I hope to fill this space with plenty of great examples and instructions.
  • Passed Business Marketing and Sports Marketing subjects with Torrens Uni, as well as passing 4 subjects in English literature at UNE. Good practise for grammar.
  • Passed Oten Business Management Diploma. (Completed all subjects except 2 units - there were delays due to covid, so I stopped.)
  • LisDesigns kicked off on 13th March, 2003 and has been growing for 17 and a half years.
  • Started off with a Cert 2 in IT with straight distinctions in 2002 and then studied undergraduate study in Internet Design and computers, with OUA for a few years. Received a high distinction for JavaScript, a distinction for usability and passed 8 other related subjects.

bee moth