Lifelike reborn baby dolls, faux babies and plush babies for sale:

Postage is $20 each 22" doll, $12 for 18" and smaller. Most of these are ages 3yrs+, but check with me to be sure. Preorder if you want to, they'll be available as listed.

Babe1 - blue bunny boy.

$40 each.
2 In stock by the 20th July.

Babe2 - green frog/brown skin boy.

$40 each.
1 reserved. 1 coming in stock by the 20th July.

Outfit1 - green frog outfit only.

$15 each.
In stock. Outfit only. 3 available. Fits 17" or 43cm tall reborn baby doll or baby born doll. Doll NOT included.

Babe11 - baby butterflies.

$25 each.
1 in stock. Anne Geddes' Butterfly.

Babe13 - blue eyed baby boy.

$65 each.
1 Coming within a month. 40cm silicone. Reserved.

Babe14 - little ballerina.

$45 each.
1 Coming within a month. 28cm silicone. Reserved.

Babe15 - toddler boy.

$85 each.
1 Coming within 2 weeks. 60cm 24" silicone. Reserved.

Babe16 - 10" boy.

$45 each.
1 Coming by 4th July. Silicone, cute outfit. Reserved.

Babe17 - Monkey baby twins.

$110 set,
for both a boy and a girl twin.
1 set coming by 4th July. Silicone, cute outfits. 26cm tall. Reserved.

Accessory1 - blue bunny baby rattle.

$15 each.
1 Coming by 1st July.

Babe18 - Pink girl baby for 1-3 year olds. Parenting educational toy.

$15 each.
2 coming by 5th July. Silicone/cloth, 30cm tall.

Babes19 - 15" boy girl twins.

$75 a pair.
4 sets available July 7. All 4 sets reserved.

Babe20 - 12inch new arrival silicone.

Coming 11th July.

Babe21 - 18inch mauve baby vinyl and silicone.

$65 each.
Coming 11th July. 2 available, with blue eyes.

Coming soon hopefully, mid July:

4 qty. 3 qty. 2 qty.

Coming soon hopefully, in late July:

3 qty. 10 qty.

Coming soon hopefully, in August:

6 qty. 4 qty. 6 qty.

Any questions? 0422 356 850. Pickup's can pay cash in person instead of paying with PayPal, if you want.
Let me know if you're interested in one that's reserved, in case the buyer doesn't follow through.

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