Silly pants to cheer up minor weaknesses.

Welcome to this website. This page is showing products that are coming soon, to help those who are incontinent. These are continence aids.

This month's stock, coming September, for adults, Kids and babies:

*$15 each piece or 5 for $50, postage extra.

This month's stock, available now, for dogs:

Wraps for Boys, pants for girls:

Last month's stock:

Quality blue plastic pants $25 each. 5 available Oct 3. XL.

Stretch pants $5 each.
Available from any chemist.

Adult diaper cover $25 each.
5 available mid September. Adjustable from small to large, max weight of person 110kg.

Inserts for diaper cover $15 each.
10 Available mid-September.
You'll need 1 insert per diaper cover, or you can order more than 1 to have changes.

Inside cover:

Plastic Pants size chart:

More plastic pants coming soon:

$20 each.

How to wear

You can buy paper pads or pullups at chemists that you can wear with normal underwear. Then wear plastic pants over the top, to stop leaks and reduce odours. Then wear stretch mesh pants over the top of them to stop rustling.

Alternatively, you can just wear the washable cloth diaper cover, as it has its own waterproof polyurethane cover with washable inserts.

How to care

Plastic pants need to be hand washed. Adult nappy covers, poleurethane, inserts and stretch pants can be washed in the washing machine.

Use cold water to wash. Line dry.

To santize, tip in a quarter cap of Dettol in with the hand wash or washing machine.

Waterproof, breathable, washable sheet sets:

Email me to discuss your bed size and colour you'd like.
Many to choose from. $40 for a double or single.
Pillow cases $20 each. Postage $3 and takes 1-2 months from China.

Sheet set $40.
Pillow case $20.

Towelling blankets:

Email me to discuss your bed size and colour you'd like.
Many to choose from. $85 for a Queen, $60 single.
Postage $3 and takes 1-2 months from China.

Queen bed towel blanket $85.

Single bed towel blanket $60.

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